I should put this down now

November 9, 2016

because  No One Believes you when you said I told you so. they always think you’re saying things that are just not happening because  you want to take  credit for saying that they would happen.

  1.  I predict that the uptick in homophobic assaults  will become a real rise in number.
    1. 11/11/16 Well, BOY was I wrong about that! Homophobic assaults, yes, but overwhelmed by the unapologetic racist and Islamophobic and sexist attacks.
  2. I predict that many heterosexual women with deep voices and short haircuts will be dragged out of bathrooms being told that they don’t belong there.
  3. Rape, as a means of punishing uppity women and feminine men, will increase sharply.
  4. The attacks on Planned Parenthood, both legal and violent, will increase.
  5. I predict that anyone who is not visibly Anglo-American and anyone who does not have a fluent American dialect will find themselves experiencing much higher levels of distrust, discrimination, assault and murder.
    1. 11/11/16 Done. Already.
  6. Jewish people and people who might seem Jewish will probably catch the most of this effect.
  7. NASA and NOAA will catch more funding cuts, as will education, both directly and indirectly.
  8. The world will go into another deep depression.
  9. Our treaty arrangements will fall into disarray.
  10. Syria is about to catch hell as they have never known it.
  11. We are going to have GITMO expand.
  12. We are going to lose public lands and endangered species.
  13. We are going to get internment camps.

Yes, I am weeping. We’ve seen this before.

Tuppence in the change bowl.

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