About Glichen and the Dusty Kitchen

I’ve written under several different names under the years, most of the sites of which were ephemeral. When I could, I collected them. They can live here for a while. My old essays will be gathered as Dusty Dishes, and I hope to gather them on a single page. These Dusty Dishes will be edited for spelling where needed. Anything about me will be tagged as Biography.

I’m from the very tail end of the Baby Boomers. I have been in a committed monogamous relationship with a person of my own gender and a separate ethnicity since 1988. We have raised three adopted children. I have two younger brothers, neither of whom shares either my orientation nor my religion.

For reasons which should be very clear from my biographical essays, I have suffered from massive depression over the last several years, which affected my ability to cogitate, hence my current handle. As I continue to improve, I am reclaiming different segments of my brain.

You are welcome to read. You are welcome to comment with your own experiences.

As Dale Carnegie said in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, “A man convinced against his will Is of the same opinion still.” Don’t pound on my brain and I won’t pound on yours.