Interesting timeline of The Gay and World Climate

May 10th, 2012, 11:06 pm

So I looked for an academic history of gay marriage to pull together all the stuff I’d been hearing, and found this intriguing paragraph:

It was in the thirteenth century, however, that the first laws against sodomy emerged and began to be enforced. Through the next several centuries in the West, all manner of behavior deemed deviant or unnatural began to be condemned, causing a shift from the earlier belief that same-sex unions were “problematic” because they were interpreted as unnatural to the belief that same-sex unions were a serious threat to society—and, like heretics, witches, and Jews, practitioners of such unions were violently repelled.

This is precisely when the Medieval Glaciation period began, plunging all of Europe into famine and plague up through the 1800s.

When prayer and repentance failed to fix the situation, folks tried to get rid of the people they figured God was punishing them for tolerating.

Look, folks: it’s warm. We have plenty of food. We have plenty of people. We have plenty of oldpeople.

It is fine for us to recognize gay relationships.

First blog post

The best way to end writer’s block is to write. Everyone who writes says so, and therefore I accept it as true.

I’ll be commenting, writing essays, maybe recommending a few things, and posting scraps of things, some more polished than others, some having nothing to do with anything else.

Organizing clean stuff first.