Why Child Sacrifice is a Bad Idea.

We don’t think enough about what we do. We don’t think enough about what results are, and what results on other people are, and how the ricochet goes on and on.

But every action we take is rather like walking along a mountain path in avalanche country. A mis-step will knock some pebbles down the slope; perhaps it will only knock ten or twenty other pebbles loose, but perhaps it will knock loose a sufficiently large rock that there will be a noise.

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On Abortion

The following was written on ISCABBS, Aug 16, 1996, in response to a question about the pagan or wiccan ethos in response to the issue of abortion. As always, no one can speak for any unitary sort of ethos; the thoughts which follow are my very own.

Now: on the topic of abortion, I feel myself uniquely qualified to comment, as I am female, have experienced an unexpected pregnancy, and have chosen an abortion: true, it was before I discovered I was pagan, but the reasoning still holds.

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The Nature of Truth

Oct 11, 1996 16:20 from Mama Rose
I’d like to bring up the subject of truth here, for I don’t think this part of the debate (which has raged for the last week in Paganism, if anyone wants to review it) is a specifically Pagan issue.

Specifically: I don’t believe that the word “Truth” ought to be used as a proper noun, as in The Truth.

This is because I regard “truth” as a descriptor for the amount of validity in a verbal/symbolic representation of reality; and I regard all representations of reality to be, of necessity, not the whole thing.

Therefore, I regard any discussion of “Absolute Truth” to be semantically null. And yet, people keep doing it.

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